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I am on the 2021/2022 academic job market.

Chris Mavrogiannis I am a Postdoc in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington where I work with Prof. Siddhartha Srinivasa in the Personal Robotics Lab.

I received my Ph.D. from Cornell University, working with Prof. Ross A. Knepper, and a Diploma from the National Technical University of Athens, working with Prof. Kostas J. Kyriakopoulos.

My interests lie at the intersection of robotics, human-robot interaction, and artificial intelligence. My long-term goal is to build robots that are accepted as valuable partners in dynamic environments like manufacturing sites, warehouses, and hospitals. To approach this vision, I develop algorithms and human-machine interfaces that balance safety and efficiency while accounting for human comfort. My research often draws insights from algebraic topology, and dynamical systems, tools from machine learning, artificial intelligence and control, and inspiration from social sciences. I deploy my systems on real robots and I evaluate them in extensive experiments with human subjects. My areas of interest include crowd navigation, multirobot navigation, and robotic manipulation.

Here is my CV.


01/05/2022: I'll be helping organize CoRL this year.
11/23/2021: Paper accepted to HRI! [preprint]
11/23/2021: Organizing HRI 2022 workshop on curiosity-driven approaches.
09/30/2021: Article accepted to T-HRI! [preprint]
09/15/2021: New preprint on analyzing traffic scenes via braids [arXiv]
09/13/2021: 2 papers accepted to CoRL 2021!
09/13/2021: New preprint on MPC for navigation on a ballbot [arXiv]
09/01/2021: IJRR article published!
08/24/2021: Invited talks at kod*lab and Cornell Robotics Seminar.
07/27/2021: New preprint on planning with group-based prediction. [arXiv]
06/24/2021: New RSS paper on planning with models of human help.
07/15/2021: Organizing RSS workshop on geometric/topological methods.
07/13/2021: Organizing RSS workshop on social robot navigation.
06/04/2021: Organizing ICRA workshop on curiosity-driven approaches.
05/07/2021: Invited talk at Talking Robotics. [Video]
04/22/2021: Invited talk at the Intelligent Systems Lab, TU Berlin. [Video]
03/23/2021: Invited talk at the AAAI Spring Symposium Series. [Video]
03/10/2021: Preprint of our social navigation survey article available. [PDF]
10/14/2020: Trajectory prediction paper accepted to CoRL 2020. [PDF]
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